Diy garden bench project

This is my second year in a new building and there are a few changes I need to make in order to have a good harvest. Last years growing season was more of an experiment/observation year, and what I learnt will need to be put into practice.

One of the main issue I noticed is the sun being blocked out by the solid balcony ledge, even though I get both morning and partial evening sun. The solution to this problem is raising my smart pots higher to get access to the lovely sunshine, which leads me to my first project.

‘The garden bench project’


Rough notes and brief sketch of idea.

A few calculations had to be jigged around due to a change in my wood purchase (I was originally looking to use Cedar, but due to budget constraints I used Pressure Treated instead).

Material used for this project:

– 9 x (5/4 in x6 in x 6 ft) Pressure treated wood planks
– 1x (2inx2inx8ft) Furring strip
– 1x box of 100pc 2in screw
– 946ml Minwax Helmsman gloss
– Counter sink drill bit

With the help of my father and his old school Black and Decker jigsaw we cut the pressure treated wood planks down to the desired sizes. The final dimensions of the bench design is 36in (L) x 30in (H) x 11in (D).

The 9 planks gave me enough wood to build 3 benches, a mini gardening stool and a new small plant caddy to use under my Rubus Raspberry plant.

Each garden bench is made up of 2x 36in long planks (top), 4 x 30in planks (legs) and 2x 11in furring strips as the inside screw boards.


Can you believe it, this drill is actually from Woolworth! I think this is at least 30 years old.


I simply love the colour, texture and patterns found on the pressure treated wood, and the Helmsman gloss gives the final pieces a fabulous coating. All thats left now is to start using them as my plant tables when the weather permits.

Heres hoping to a fabulous new growing season with big fruitful plants.

Sarah Raven


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