Simple as 1,2,3 pea sprouts.


Growing pea shoots is one of the easiest things to do, and you get fabulous micro greens to add to your morning omelette, salad or even a delicious bowl of pasta. It really is as simple as 1,2,3!

I grow my pea shoots indoors whether rain, winter or shine and all you need is a flower box some soil and dried peas.


Step one: Fill your flower box with soil and place it next to a sunny windowsill.

Step two: Grab your bag of dried peas (they can even be dried peas bought from a supermarket!, I have used peas I got from Walmart with no issues) Press them into the soil spread throughout the flower box. Spacing of the peas does not really apply here as your just growing them for their cut and come again shoots. So be generous.

Step three: Water your newly planted seeds in, and just give them a good dose to quench their thirst each morning. Make sure the water can drain through the bottom so they don’t drown. And in a week you should see them start to germinate.


You can start to harvest and use the pea shoots when they are 6 inches tall, just cut them down to just above their next set of leaves that way they can easily grow back and provide you with a continuous harvest.

Just SNIP and ENJOY.


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