DIY seed starting tubes

In my post earlier on today I mentioned a new technique that I found to be very effective in germinating seeds.

Here is what you will need to make these DIY seed starting tubes:

– A set of plastic coin rollers; preferably reused ($0.25 Canadian size is best)

– A paper towel roll

– Spray bottle filled with water

– Sticky labels

– Your seeds


1. Take out one of the plastic coin rollers and crease/bend the folds of the tube. (this makes it easier to close and seal the container once the seeds are in place)

2. Cut the paper towel into rectangular sections:roughly the to fit into both sides of the tube.

3. Place the towel into the tube and moisten it with the spray bottle.

4. Spread a few of the chosen seeds in one side of the tube, then fold over the other half of the towel and gently press down.

5. Spray a bit more water onto it, but not too much and then close up the coin roller.


Voila! you have your very own mini greenhouse/seed starter.

*Don’t forget to label and mark what type of seed is in the tube using the sticky labels. + give it a little spritz each morning to keep the paper towel moist and in a week or so you should see the seeds germinate.


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