Mimicking our natural environment with something unnatural.

Take a look at what Czech artist Veronika Richterová does with plastic bottles: this simply boggles my mind. She takes something that gets tossed and discarded on a massive scale everyday and uses them to create beautiful nature related sculptures! From Cacti, fern like plants, flowers and more. Mimicking our natural environment with something so unnatural.

Wouldn’t it be neat to incorporate some of her sculptures into a modern garden?

I would love to intermingle some of my plants with her flower sculptures and intricate cactus art.

Veronika-Richterova-PET-Bottle-Sculptures-2-600x787Veronika-Richterova-PET-Bottle-Sculptures-2b-600x450Veronika-Richterova-PET-Bottle-Sculptures-2a-cacti-600x450 Veronika-Richterova-PET-Bottle-Sculptures-2c-600x450Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.44.03 AM Veronika-Richterova-PET-Bottle-Sculptures-3a-greenhouse-600x450 Veronika-Richterova-PET-Bottle-Sculptures-3b-600x450 Veronika-Richterova-PET-Bottle-Sculptures-3c-600x450

Via Design Milk



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