Sunflower competition update.

mexicanredgermination copy

Just thought I would post a quick update on the Friendly Sunflower Competition.

So far MrCrayons (Daniel C) kindergarten class seed was the first to germinate on April 2nd, followed quickly after by my Mexican red seed on April 3rd.

Both participating kindergarten classes germinated their seeds inside standard ziplock bags with a moist paper towel. The bags were taped against a sunny window to trigger germination and also allowing the kids to witness and learn about the growth cycle. Moisture+Light+Warmth = Happy seeds.


Daniel C’s Class sunflower, April 9th 2015

Nothing amazes me more than how such a small seed can contain the genetic material needed to flourish into such a large and beautiful plant! Every season as I watch my plants grow from a simple seed to a healthy plant I am reminded of this wonder.


My sunflowers status, April 7th, 2015 in DIY newspaper pots.

I give both Nicole and Daniel a gold star for how they have enthusiastically volunteered to participate in this friendly competition and to their kids a gold star for their energy and spirit.

Only time will tell who’s sunflower will be the winner; Nicole E, Daniel C, or mine.

* I think its time to brew more compost tea to feed my little seedling.




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