Hilarious vermicomposting-what not to do

I have always had a fascination with worm composting;turning my food scraps into usable black gold;digging my hands into worm castings and simply watching such tiny creatures do what comes naturally.


My first attempt at this form of composting in 2012 was a total disaster, and to be honest it was entirely my fault as I did not think it through properly. I knew the basic gist:obtain a container, poke holes in it, add moist bedding, add food scraps, add some of the worms old environment eg. soil/finished compost then pop in the worms. I was just testing out this marvel on a small scale so I took a few baby worms from my yard that I had found (which is all fine and dandy) and I put them in a container located on my balcony. Here was the kicker: I used an old egg roll tin!

Can you guess what happened to my worms? Let me give you a hint: BBQ Sundays!

It took me 3 years to recover from that unfortunate trauma of frying little worms alive, but I finally got back on my knees and built a proper worm bin;a non tin bin this time round and 94 red wigglers found in my end of season top soil purchase.

* I gave away 105 to a kindergarten teacher to help educate a younger generation.

So without delay I would like to announce with so much joy that yesterday was my first official harvest with my new bin. Yay! My worms which are red wigglers (best composting worms) are happy, fat and healthy. They are even popping out hundreds of cocoons! I now have a proper population of worms.


My worm bin is a whole mini ecosystem (a biological community of interacting organisms), working for me to feed my plants and in turn feed me with the best and most nutritious food. I simply love my little pets all of whom I have named ‘Lemmings‘. For those of you who don’t know this old school computer game, you should definitely check it out as it is loads of fun and I think that the name is the perfect fit for my worms;they are a community and they all look the same.


So 3 cheers for my Lemmings on how well they are doing and how they are my little workers.


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