Let me hop on your shoulders and we’ll get in there!

On Saturday I went on a muddy adventure to gather up some free leaf compost from the Victoria Park Transfer Station. This was the second attempt by my fellow gardener and I as the last time we went it was all gone by 10:30am.

To guarantee that we got a go at scooping some of this great stuff we had to get there for 7:00am (right when it opened) and even then there was a huge collection of cars already parked with people lugging out hundreds of bags/buckets to get their fill. No wonder it was all gone last time by 10:30am because by the looks of things that day the pile would have been gone in 45mins.


Look at that garbage bag filled with hundreds more rolled up garbage bags!

I have never seen such a mass of gardeners going crazy jumping over one and other to fill their containers. It was rather comical watching the disorganized chaos!

Thanks to a kind helpful gardener and a hilarious ice breaker my friend and I got an awesome start. Who would have thought saying “Hey, let me hop on your shoulders and we’ll get in there” would be the perfect way to get some help to bypass the scooping masses. Unfortunately not everyone is as nice and friendly but fate has a funny sense of humour as one unfriendly lady who kept knocking me and trying to squeeze me out of my space got a foot full of dirt as a result of her bad behaviour.


Look at the steam coming off that pile!

To find out how good this resource is please take a look at my previous posting, it is definitely worth getting a few bumps and bruises to obtain.

What A day to potter on my balcony-Amending soil


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