Avocados (Mite)e blow


Close to a month ago I touched upon a little mite problem I was having inside my worm bin–dot sized creature scuttling around and unwanted by both my worms and I. Here is an little update on what I discovered:

1. For the most part they didn’t really bother me as long as the population of mites didn’t become excessive as they could not get out of my bin due to a sticky rim lining.

2. Once I harvest my castings I dosed them with Diatomaceous Earth in my desired storage area and they all quickly died off.

3. THE POWER OF AVOCADO RINDS TO BRING DOWN THE MIGHTY MITE!!!!!! Much more effective in my experience than with any melon or cantaloupes.

For the past three days I decided to bait the mights with half an avocado rind that I had for my breakfast and its simply worked wonders–they love it and swarm to it like bees to a flower.

Simply place half an avocado rind scooped out of the delicious flesh (You may have a little bit of the flesh left in it but thats ok they like it too) and place it upside down on the top of your worm bin. Leave it there for a few hours to do its magic. When you go back to it and lift up the rind you will see a huge collection of them scuttling around inside and its time to flush them down the drain by cleaning out the avocado in running water and giving it a good rub down.

Now you can reuse the rind again and again to keep baiting the mighty mites until they are almost gone. I have just about eliminated these unwanted critters from my worm bin. Hurrah!!!!

May 11th casting harvest: 391g

My previous article on method to controlling mites:

Maintaining control + Disaster struck!


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  1. great tip! thanks


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