Male or Female—First time Zucchini mama

Each season I like to choose a new seed/plant to grow that I have never tried before or sometimes as the case may be a seed I have never heard of. I make it my personal experiment to see how successful or unsuccessful I am at nurturing it from seed to harvest, and I try not to get too upset if it turns into a complete disaster.

As I briefly mentioned on the 18th May, 2015, I am growing my first ever Zucchini plant. A Dark Star Zucchini. So far I have learnt that a zucchini plant will bloom both male and female flowers! How fascinating is that? The wonders of nature never ceases to amaze me—The male carries the pollen and the female carries the fruit!

Here is a little hint:
Try not to be as alarmed as I was when the pretty flowers just fall off without producing anything, they are the male flowers. It will open and bloom for one day then strangely start to fall off the plant—as if someone took sharp shears and snipped off the blossom.


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At first I thought I was missing something when this happened to me. Maybe I was lacking a certain nutrient in my soil or maybe a bird or a critter nibbled on the stem? Just take a breather as this is actually perfectly normal. The male flowers tend to show up before the females do, so with a little bit of patience and some good ole green luck the female flowers will shortly make an appearance and you will be on your way to your first harvest.

*Note: The female flower has a mini zucchini at its base, and the stem is much thicker than the male flowers stem.



  1. did not know they had gender


    1. @jaybayray Usually its a single flower that gets pollinated and bears fruit, unlike a Zucchini which has two flowers;one carries the pollen the other needs to receive the pollen and turns into the fruit/veg. Its a very wonderful plant! 😀


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