The famous worm disappearing act!


Fun Illustration by Sarah Raven

For the past week or so I decided to take a bit of a hiatus in feeding my worm bin. I wanted to concentrate on limiting the amounts of mites;too much food for the worms tends to breed more mites. Finally last night I decided to check on my little guys to see how they were doing and lo and behold they all vanished??? There are no more little red wigglers to be found and I have no clue to as what happened. They couldn’t have escaped and migrated anywhere else as my bin is indoors, so my only guess is that for some reason or rather they all died and basically decomposed into the bedding. Not only am I utterly shocked but I am also very upset. I would have to say this is the curious and famous worm disappearing act!

Luckily there are still some unhatched worm cocoons and with a little bit of patience and tender loving care I should be able to start up a new bin. It is time for me to sift;harvest what I can;and sift some more to separate my little eggs from the old bedding. I simply have to look on the bright side that by eliminating the bulk of the old bedding environment I will also be eliminating the bulk of the mites.

On another note my balcony garden has been flourishing the past few weeks and a few of my plants have started to flower:3 out of 5 tomato plants, my zucchini plant, Rattlesnake pole bean plant, strawberry plants, my ground cherry plants and finally my raspberry canes.


One comment

  1. No fret. It sounds like something got into your worm bin and had a meal. Where do you keep your bin? I’d recommend dumping the bin, salvage what you can and start from scratch. Need composting worms? Head over to and I’ll send you some.


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