Fun cookie cutter tutorial + Cute free template

A few weeks ago I was on a mission to make my own mini cookie cutters. One shape in particular I really wanted to have on hand was a little teddy bear. For some reason I really wanted to make my own healthy gummy bears and I desperately needed a template. I did my research online and looked up numerous shapes that would be easy to create using recycled tin cans.


Here is a free letter sized printable template of easy shapes that you can use at home to make your own mini cookie cutters. I hope you enjoy these basic shapes, and I look forward to uploading more designs in the near future.


Tools you will need:

– Pliers (Preferably Jewelry pliers if you have them)
– Side cutter plier
– Hammer
– Scissors
– Can opener
– Cutting mat
– Recycled tin cans (I personally like the ones with the prints on them as it gives your cookie cutters a bit of flare)
– Any sort of circular handle like from a wooden spoon (helps with the curved shapes)


Examples of the Jewelry pliers that come in handy + scissors + wooden spoon for curves.


*It may take a few tries to get the best curves for your cutters–I made 4 different bears when I was trying to perfect the shape I liked. The above is only a template to help with the process but some shapes take a but more practice to achieve.

1. Fully remove both the top and bottom of the tin can with the can opener.

2. Cut open the tin can so you can start to bend it flat (look for the seam–it is easier to cut along the same line).  The side cutter pliers are needed to start out and cut through the thick rim of the can, then you can switch to normal scissors.

3. Once you have the can cut open, gently start to bend the tin flat. This makes it easier to cut the desired strips. Try and get it as flat as possible.

4. Using the regular scissors cut the metal strips roughly 10/16th Inch (0.625 in) thick. Avoid using the top rim of the can.

5. Fine tune the edges and get rid of any tiny metal pieces sticking out. Use the hammer to gently tap down on the edges of the strip to further remove any sharp edges. Trust me you don’t want to get cut by a little sharp piece.

6. Once you have your strips you can start to bend and manipulate the pieces into the desired shapes using your pliers. I find it easiest to keep referring back to the printed template to make sure I am getting the shapes right.

* You may discover that some tin cans are thicker than others. Overall the thicker ones are better in holding the shapes and give you cleaner lines.

7. Connecting the end pieces to finish off your shape! There are two ways of connecting the ends–A corner connection or a straight connection. Each connection take a bit of time and patience to get it right.


Et Voila!!

You have your very own DIY Mini Cookie cutters.



Not only are they super cute and fun to make, but they are great little cutters to have around if you are making little treats.


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