Who is the other Sarah Raven?

Who am I?

I am the half Asian half British–Living in Canada–Sarah Raven. By day I am a dirt digging organic veggie gardener and by night I am a coffee guzzling digital explorer.

My passion for gardening exploded in 2010 after growing my first few vegetable seedlings and Dollarama seeds. What started out as an experiment to save money on food turned into my journey as an organic gardener and tasting the fruits of my labour.

As each season goes by I become more and more zealous about what I grow, and I want to share and experience more with other like minded friends. So if you are an avid gardener or simply interested in starting up a small patch of pots! please feel free to follow me, so we can continue on this journey of discovery together.

Sarah Raven

*(Just to clarify there is also the well known BBC cook and gardener Sarah Raven).