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When the Beet drops!

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Rolling some tasty treats!

Yesterday I stumbled across this fabulous laser engraved rolling pin, and my first thought was that I would love to try and make some homemade almond cookies with this! What a great way to pay homage to the traditional asian cookies I used to get back home in Hong Kong. I guess I put two and […]

Balcony garden in bloom

Inspirational photo of the week

It was so exciting waking up this morning and going out onto my balcony with a cup of english tea and spotting this little beauty. This is my first time ever growing zucchini and to see my first flower this early on in the season is a promise of a great harvest. I planted this […]

Happy Mothers Day

Stumbled across this little gem from a set of photos I scanned a few years back. It seems I may have gotten my love for nature from my mum. This looks like it was a fabulous day, Happy Mother Day to all the wonderful hardworking mothers out there.

Inspirational photo of the week

They are the taste of an english summer– Alys Fowler Cant wait to try this recipe of ‘Strawberry jam with Lavender and honey‘ when I get my harvest of freshly grown  Strawberries and Lavender.

Inspirational photo of the week

This was a quick shot taken with my iPhone camera of a Marigold (Bonanza Bolero) plant blooming in my little nursery. All I feel like saying to it is: Hello my pretty! I can feel the excitement blooming. Enjoy.

Inspirational photo of the week

Does this image make your mouth water for all those tasty goods like it does mine? I mean check out those greens and heirloom tomatoes.  

Mimicking our natural environment with something unnatural.

Take a look at what Czech artist Veronika Richterová does with plastic bottles: this simply boggles my mind. She takes something that gets tossed and discarded on a massive scale everyday and uses them to create beautiful nature related sculptures! From Cacti, fern like plants, flowers and more. Mimicking our natural environment with something so unnatural. Wouldn’t it […]

Inspirational photo of the week

I think that this is fabulous and I would love to try this out with some of my own radish sprouts. Just look at the gradating shades of purple and green! Yum!