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Male or Female—First time Zucchini mama

Each season I like to choose a new seed/plant to grow that I have never tried before or sometimes as the case may be a seed I have never heard of. I make it my personal experiment to see how successful or unsuccessful I am at nurturing it from seed to harvest, and I try […]

Let me hop on your shoulders and we’ll get in there!

On Saturday I went on a muddy adventure to gather up some free leaf compost from the Victoria Park Transfer Station. This was the second attempt by my fellow gardener and I as the last time we went it was all gone by 10:30am. To guarantee that we got a go at scooping some of this […]

What a day to potter on my balcony-Amending soil

The weather has been really nice the past few days so yesterday when it was bright and beaming I spent a perfect day setting up my pots and amending my 4 year old soil. Unlike a lot of other container gardeners I don’t throw my soil out after the season is up, I like to keep […]

Hilarious vermicomposting-what not to do

I have always had a fascination with worm composting;turning my food scraps into usable black gold;digging my hands into worm castings and simply watching such tiny creatures do what comes naturally. My first attempt at this form of composting in 2012 was a total disaster, and to be honest it was entirely my fault as I […]

Welcome to my digital patch!

Hi there, Welcome to the other Sarah Raven. The purpose of this blog is to share my gardening journey and passion for all things grown in the dirt. I guess you could say this is my digital patch! Countless friends and family have told me that I should either start a blog about gardening or […]