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The famous worm disappearing act!

For the past week or so I decided to take a bit of a hiatus in feeding my worm bin. I wanted to concentrate on limiting the amounts of mites;too much food for the worms tends to breed more mites. Finally last night I decided to check on my little guys to see how they were […]

Avocados (Mite)e blow

Close to a month ago I touched upon a little mite problem I was having inside my worm bin–dot sized creature scuttling around and unwanted by both my worms and I. Here is an little update on what I discovered: 1. For the most part they didn’t really bother me as long as the population […]

Maintaining control + Disaster struck!

This week was definitely full of obstacles, from maintaining the control and balance of microorganisms that go hand in hand with worm composting to a sudden disaster! First off in regards to the worm bin: you will always find other tiny creatures joining in to help with decomposing your food waste, but the key is […]